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    How do we achieve universal access to health workers in the SDG era?‏

    November, 2015

    Tune in for 2030.

    Health workers are at risk. Bombings destroyed a MSF hospital in Kunduz, claiming the lives of 9 staff. Every year, 1,000 health workers die serving on the frontlines. Ebola demonstrated the perils of not investing in health.
    Health workers were seen as a cost for decades by short-sighted financial reforms. As a consequence, training and recognition are substandard in many places of the world.
    By 2030, the SDGs time horizon, WHO will roll aout a Global Strategy on human resources for health to help countries improve and protect their health workforce.

    Health workers are crucial to

    • immunization
    • rolling back malaria, AIDS, and other diseases
    • improving maternal health and nutrition
    • ensuring access to reproductive health and family planning
    • fight under-5 mortality
    • sustain economic growth and minimize poverty
    • ensure long-time stability in post-conflict contexts.


    Twitter live Q&A

    29 October 2015
    16:00-16:45 CET

    Jim Campbell, WHO/GHWA
    French, English, Spanish

    WHO is now ensuring support of all Governments to roll out a roadmap known as Health Workforce 2030 Strategy that envisions:

    1. harmonized health workers training and standards
    2. improved recruitment of trained health personnel
    3. deployment and retention of health workers, especially in rural areas
    4. health brain drain stopped
    5. recognition of health workers in all countries, rich and poor.
    • How will we gather evidence and best practices?
    • How will we ensure support by Governments?
    • How will we concretely implement recommendations?
    • How will we foster international cooperation in health workforce training?
    • How will we make recommendations for deployment and retention of health workforce?
    Jim Campbell, Director of the WHO Health Workforce Department and Executive Director of the Global Health Workforce Alliance, will answer these questions and many others.
    New York 11:00 | Geneva 16:00 | Nairobi 18:00 | Beijing 22:00
    Thursday 29 October