• 17. August 14

    3rd Global Forum on Human Resources for Health

    Global Consultation on the Outcome document/Declaration of the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health

    The Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health (10-13 November) will culminate in the adoption of an outcome document/declaration – which will be fundamental in setting out for a forward-looking HRH agenda. To ensure broad ownership of the Declaration, we are delighted to invite all constituencies of the Alliance to share their thoughts and ideas on the preliminary draft of the document. The document strives to be concise but meaningful, calling for a systemic approach to HRH development, with greater alignment of efforts among HRH constituencies and increased political will.

    The main objective of the Third Global Forum is to catalyze political commitment to bolster momentum for the HRH agenda; therefore the outcome document will have full ownership of (and be ultimately endorsed by) national Governments. Following the initial consultation involving Alliance member organizations, subsequent negotiations on the document will be carried out by Member States of the World Health Organization, an effort which will be facilitated and supported by the Brazilian Permanent Mission in Geneva.

    It is now more apparent than ever that a successful future for HRH agenda requires greater engagement and alignment of different stakeholders involved. We invite you to share your feedback and comments to with “outcome document” in the subject line. Alternatively, if you are a member of our e-platform, please share your comments there. We will strive, as far as possible, to ensure that the comments received are considered in the development of the draft outcome document which will form the basis for negotiations among national Governments.

    Deadline to receive your comments is September 30.